Behind the Camera

Francesca Owen; born in Chester, United Kingdom currently lives on the east cost of Australia. With a performance background, her chosen artistic medium is photography. Her intrigue for the water began at the young age of 8, when she was introduced to Synchronised Swimming. From 2012, she took a real transformation from the performance scene to the photographic scene, after hanging up her competitive bathers in Synchronised Swimming and having already studied photography at University she was able to merge her passions and lure her audience down by capturing the magic that unfolds through the elegance and movement of suspended dance. Her work and creative eye continues to gain international recognition with her unique background and experience in this creative realm.

Francesca’s skill set is a culmination of years being in the water herself; seeing and perceiving. From a young age she had a passion for self expression and the arts; from being Arts Caption at Highschool, studying photography, to modelling and acting in TV commercials and performing in shows. Her mermaid expertise led her to perform during Modernism Week, in Palm Springs, ‘Holoscenes’ art installations at the Commonwealth Games in 2016, and working with Telstra for their new advertising campaign ‘Stay Connected’ which she brings into her work today.


Francesca Owen holding underwater cameraFrancesca Owen photographer


From 2012, Francesca’s work brings the majority of her art back to raw basics, predominantly using greyscale to illustrate the contours of the human frame in aim to showcase the surreal and peaceful feeling one perceives when completely submerged. Her works lends itself to contemporary spaces, printed on large scale format, where the focus is bringing an escapism to your home; being transported to a world where anything is possible and you feel free. Her creative eye has led her images to being showcased in hotels in Byron Bay, NewYork, Paris and the walls of private clients internationally. In 2018 she was asked to be a global ambassador for Aquatech Housing, her tool of choice to shoot with and has taken part in Q&A’s for emerging photographers. She has received an honourable mention in International Photography Awards, OneShot, Movement. Francesca has also showcased her work in Paris doing Paris Photo Week.

Francesca’s imagery is an extension of her experiences, the feeling of performing and letting go; igniting that creative fire in others. She takes oneself away from their environment and puts them into a dreamlike scene, where anything is possible. The show element of being in the moment is intertwined throughout her work, as well as the elegance of movement and the female form. She takes you across the world, and under the water; a form of escapism but also touched with the feeling of vulnerability. “I want my viewers to feel free and at ease when seeing my imagery, but also igniting that lust and spark for movement and expression”.

Francesca’s experience in and around the water and creative intrigue has led into her offering commissioned pieces and is open to working on bespoke projects and installations for commercial brands and individual clients. Her background with working with commercial clients such as Halcyon House, Emporium Hotels, The Ivy to create water shows has added to her photographic medium and skill set. Francesca’s world is a kaleidoscope of elegance, expression, and a glimpse of glitter and we invite you to take a look through her eyes.

For more, feel free to contact hello@francescaowen.com