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Hanging up her bathers for the camera

Francesca Owen is a Photographic and Performance Artist. Her intrigue for the water began at eight years old, when she was introduced to Synchronised Swimming. Eventuating in 2012, when she was selected to represent Australia in the London Olympic Games. After Hanging up her competitive bathers, and having studied Photojournalism at University she picked up the underwater housing for her camera, and hasn’t left the waters edge since.

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Gracing Walls Globally

Her work has graced the walls of Paris, New York, Byron Bay and more. Her focus is bringing an escapism to your home with her Photographic Prints, and wants her viewers to be transported to a world where anything is possible and you feel free.

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An underwater escape for your home

Francesca Owen is an Australian Fine Art Photographer and Artist. 

Her works lends itself to contemporary spaces, printed on large scale format, where the focus is bringing an escapism to your home; being transported to a world where anything is possible and you feel free. 

Her creative eye has led her images to be featured in VOGUE, The Daily Telegraph, and recently displayed on Billboards via JCDecaux. Her work has been showcased in exhibitions in Paris as well as hotels in Byron Bay and the walls of private clients internationally.

Francesca’s work brings the majority of her art back to raw basics, predominantly illustrating the contours of the human frame in aim to showcase the surreal and peaceful feeling one perceives when completely submerged.

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